Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Shrinking Violet

Teresa Adams aka Tere is as shy as one can ever be. Her only best friend Audrey is the only one in whom she confides.. Her supposed-step -dad owns in an radio station called SLAM .. As a kid she always wanted to be a DJ, but nobody can believe that.But when a DJ of a popular radio show The love shack quits it is up to Tere to save the day. She is now the Sweet T of the Love shack fame .. Nobody knows that it is her but she is living her dream. When a contest  was announced in the radio of which the winning  person can take Sweet T to the prom, she is famished .. Will she,a girl who hides in the shadows,suddenly come to the centre stage and announce that she is Sweet T?? And will she muster up her courage enough to spend the whole day with a guy she never knew??

The book is simply awesome..the plot, first, got me hoked then the way the book proceeds in totally charming. When a book becomes predictable then it is a complete drop-out, but this book,even though being a little predictable, is still a tight grip because of the innocence and the fears of Tere.. the books charm is definitely because of Tere.. Bests for readers who are looking for a nice slow read.

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  1. Hi Ayman, I hopped over from Goodreads. Love your blog logo! And hey, I've actually been to Chennai, what a cool place! As far as this book, it sounds good. I like books about shy people coming out of the shadows. Following you now. Catherine Stine