About Me...

Heyya Guys..

I'm your typical normal teen girl reading stories and writing reviews on them.. Sometime I pen down few somethings but they have never made it to the web ... yet. I live in Chennai, India since birth and practically is my favorite place. I also love music and sketching a little somethings.

I give honest reviews and write out as much as possible. I started this blog to share the interest and I m very much welcome the critics. Just don't judge me too harshly, kay??

I have nothing of much interesting person.. If you leave the never ending list of crushes I have on fictional guys, then I would promise you my life all but a blank dry book..

But if you want to recommend few books or suggest anything, you can contact me though any of the following:
Email: afsummergirl96@gmail.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ayman.fatima.399
Twitter: @afsummergirl96

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