Monday, 26 December 2011

Return to Paradise (Leaving Paradise #2)

When Caleb leaves Paradise he thinks it was for the good for himself and to all whom he knows.. especially Maggie but fate has other plans .. When he is forced to join a group called Re-START little does he realize the trouble that is in front of him for he discovers that Maggie is also in that group..

It has been eight months since Caleb left her alone.. He never called to check on her nor said that he even cared for her.. Maggie thought that she had moved on but some where deep inside her heart she ached for him.

Joining with others, Maggie and Caleb are bound to take on a journey about friendship, trust, hope ,jealousy,love and betrayal.. and also that makes them face their most dreadful promises.. Ones that are meant to be broken

An interesting sequel to " Leaving Paradise " by Simone Elkeles.. The book turned out to be a little predictable one but also enjoyable ... The romance that knits the words together are so intense at some parts that it you can hear your own heartbeat... The story was somewhat stretchy than the first one but characters seem stronger than before... Introduction of new characters seems to work very well in this book


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