Thursday, 4 April 2013

Kiss an angel

An arranged marriage was something Daisy never thought she would have to go through. After her mother passed away, she goes bankrupt and is forced to do what her dad says .. Marry a guy she doesn't even know... If she keeps up and stays with him  for a six months she would soon own a trust and would be free to go or else she would be in streets..

Alex owes a favor to Max, who just so happened to call him one day to ask him of it.. He wanted Alex to marry his dim sided spoilt little daughter for six months so that she would understand the reality of life. Since Alex lives a hard life as a performer in an circus Max thinks its a perfect situation to place his daughter and teach her a little lesson. As long as he is concerned he doesn't give a damn and is quite certain that she is of no interest to him .... But he was so worng

Join Daisy and Alex as they battle between love lust friendship understanding and trust as their past reveals some dark secrets and future holds no promise .....

I absolutely love this book. Its funny, smart , and intriguing.. You wont believe me if I said I was laughing out loud on the very first page.. It is that good. There were times when I thought this book belonged to the paranormal side but I was wrong. The characters are strong and the book is full of interesting and funny scenarios that I completely crave for. After a lash out of book containing paranormal characters, this one is quite refreshing and  I am completely in love with it. Anyone who wants a chilled out read which is funny and intense at the same time can go for this one. Its absolutely worth the time..

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